Saturday, May 10, 2008

ShareHolders not happy with MoldFlow Acquisition?

While I was googling the Moldflow acquisition news today, I happened across an interesting sponsor link. It reads:

Moldflow Takeover Unfair?
Are you unhappy with the proposed takeover of Moldflow Corporation?

Click on the link and it leads to Levi and korsinsky LLP, NYC based lawyers who are investigating the possibility that the MoldFlow acquisition by Autodesk might be worthy of some further investigation.

According to the Autodesk press release on May 1 2008, “Autodesk will acquire Moldflow for $22 per share, or approximately $297 million.”

According to lawyer Edward Korsinsky, some shareholders in MoldFlow have already asked the company to investigate if this is a fair offer, and the company is now seeking other shareholders that may be interested in a class action suit, if indeed its investigation proves that the offer is too low.

By way of clarification, the legal firm conducts investigations at no charge, and then negotiates a contingency fee if they feel action is appropriate. According to Korsinsky, the company is also a lead counsel in the Bear Stearns acquisition case, where the original, agreed offer was at $2 per share, later upped to $10 per share, and at this point, still unresolved. The Moldflow acquisition, by comparison, is very small beans – but it’s CAD, so we are paying attention!

Is the law firm an ‘ambulance chaser’? Maybe yes, maybe no. A couple of Moldflow shareholders alerted the company to the situation that they feel needs some observation and investigation. Korsinsky says that their service allows shareholders who feel that they are being left on the outskirts of a decision can take sensible action to ensure their rights are being heard and taken into consideration. That’s fair, right?

Thus far, the case is still in the investigative stages, but the company is poised and ready for action, if merited. Maybe it is, maybe not. We will attempt to keep you informed.


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3 Responses to “ShareHolders not happy with MoldFlow Acquisition?”

  1. ralphg says:

    The offer by Autodesk is generous, as it represents a 5x multiple over the last full fiscal year’s revenues. I don’t know this fiscal year’s revenues (not yet ended), but for two years Moldflows revenues were dropping.

    A typical acquisition cost is 1x – 3x multiple.

  2. al Dean says:

    this is interesting, but if the offer is fair, they don’t stand much chance do they – the only people that win with this kind of thing are the lawyers..

    al @

  3. dvd ripper says:

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