Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Aras’ Open Source PLM gets Windows Server 2008 certification

Aras Corporation today announced that its Open Source PLM software is one of the first 10 products to ever achieve Microsoft’s Windows Server 2008 certification.

It appears that gaining this certification is no mean feat. As explained in the press release, “Windows Server 2008 Certification comprises approximately 100 test cases that independently confirm an application’s compliance with best practices for reliability, security, availability, and compatibility on the new Microsoft platform.”

Or as Aras Marketing VP Marc Lind said to our editor-in-chief, Randall Newton today. “Having gone through the process of becoming certified, and knowing what it requires, I would be surprised if any of the other PLM providers will ever achieve this certification.”

Aras’ PLM software is the only Open Source PLM software that we are aware of, and is used by some surprising customers including Motorola, Rolls-Royce, Freudenberg, Lockheed Martin, Ingersoll Rand and ACCO Brands. Why surprising? Because I still have some inborn snobbery towards Open Source software, which apparently is unmerited and inappropriate. I will have to keep trying to rethink my position on this. Congrats to Aras while I do that.

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  1. Your blog have a good sense of humor,i guess so do you.