Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Autodesk Opens New Customer Briefing Center

On January 10th, 2008, Autodesk invited a bunch of customers, and a couple of press, to watch the official opening of its newest Customer Briefing center in Lake Oswego, OR. The 3DCN team was there, finding out what was making Autodesk’s Buzz Cross so proud of his 5th floor set up.

It is located in the new offices of Autodesk’s Manufacturing Division, headed by Buzz Cross and Richard Jones, and supported by some 200 employees on site. As you leave the elevator, so you see an array of products created using Autodesk software including some guitars from RKS,  a novel geared wheelchair that prevents  wheelchairs from rolling backwards by Magic Wheels, and a whole bunch more. Even better, you are actually allowed to touch the guitars, take them off the stands and pretend to be a rock star. (Image: Jason Medal-Katz, senior manager of the Customer Briefing Center, has a moment of ‘what if’ with an RKS guitar.)

The banks of touch-screen monitors, created using flat glass and projectors with light sensitive cameras in them make for a pleasing display. And behind a large panel of frosted glass, which switches to clear at the touch of a remote control, are 2 RP systems, happily grinding away, or adding materials to some Autodesk Inventor Models. (PIcture 2: an image of a car designed using autodesk inventor and the Autodesk Alias products, displayed on the touch-screen monitors in the center.)

You will see a longer expose on this center in next week’s CCNtv broadcast, where we get in depth about some of the products on display. However, it was an excellent evening, with short and friendly presentations by Buzz Cross and a gentleman from the local Chamber of Commerce who, we think, was getting paid every time he said ‘Lake Oswego.’

But do check it out in-depth at CADCAMNETtv on January 21 2008.

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